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She focuses on best practices that involve team building, employee management, conflict resolution, and effective HR practices.

Christine’s vision is to inspire businesses and individuals to reach their full potential by modifying behaviors and promoting change to reach maximum performances.

In addition, Christine has exhibited a proven track record of leadership excellence in her community. While serving as Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) president at Barbour County High School, she designed a scholarship program to help deserving young men and women to go to college. She also serves as the secretary of the Barbour County Quarterback Club, where many students have also gone to college from scholarship funds raised by volunteer efforts.

She is a graduate of the 2009 Leadership Barbour Class III program, which is organized by the Barbour County Chamber of Commerce, where she served on the finance committee and serves as board member.

Reasons to choose us?

Christine George has fourteen years of combined experience in corporate finance, human resources, and leadership training. She specializes in professional and personal development. After obtaining her bachelor’s in business marketing and her master’s in business administration, she founded Leadership Solutions LLC, which is her platform "Where Issues Become Opportunities."

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Why Food For Thought?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT was birthed during a time when employees and leaders of the company where I was employed did not feel worthy, valued, or appreciated. I had to find a way to reach the employees without touching them physically but spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. I have found that too many businesses are too busy building sales and not building people. Companies are more concerned with numbers and not the people. We must get back to the basics of investing in people and people will invest in our businesses.

After working for about 14 years in corporate America, with 12 of those years in leadership, I have had my share of failing as a leader. One of my failing skills was listening to the people; listening even with my eyes. I have always thought I was a good listener, but something happens when you are in charge. You don’t have to listen to no one. At least that was what I thought. I had an employee that made me realize this through my own words. I had a quote of the day bulletin board where I put a famous quote or something that “I” felt was important for the employees to read. One day I had “Attitude Reflects Leadership”. Well, an employee came to me and asked could she change something on the board. At first I was a little offended because she wanted to change something on “my” board. I “allowed” her to make some changes and she put, “Leadership Reflects Attitude.” I thought it was a little redundant at first because it was the same thing, at least I thought it was the same thing. She pointed how she felt directly at me. The Leader. My leadership or the lack of leadership affected her and many others that were under my supervision and I had to make a change and quick. Thanks Krisi for that wake up call.

As the Human Resources Director (HRD), I was hired to enhance and protect the bottom line to the company which included the employees. Sometimes it is a moral dilemma of what the company says to do and what we think is morally right. As the HRD, you are the mediator, the motivator, the go- between person, and the intercessor that must find the balance for everyone. I had to listen to the concerns of the people and find ways to encourage employees to continue to come to a job he or she hated by inspiring and motivating them through short stories, testimonies, and poems of laughter and hope for just one more day.

What our clients say?

Christine George’s Food For Thought teaches effective leadership principles for corporations and individuals alike.

Ty Bennett

She has a unique way of explaining important techniques through relatable stories and analogies that make Food for Thought easy to implement in your own life.

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Her material is thought provoking and just the motivation you need to turn yourself into the best leader you can be.

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